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Posted day s ago Views 32 Replies. December 7th, Beating the casino My main reason for starting this thread is beating the casino via slot machine. But before I get to that Only way to win is to use the martingale system with no casino limits and an money bags slot machine strategy source of capital. There are a few theoretical ways to beat the casino. There are craps players who are skilled throwers, but the diamond wall at the end of the craps table has made it extremely difficult to take away the randomness of a dice throw, but there are a few out there who claim they money bags slot machine strategy throw times without crapping out.

Like Alan from The Hangover says, it really helps to money bags slot machine strategy in teams. On tv, they make it sound as if you can start counting and rob the casino blind.

Making money from are there casinos in mobile alabama counting is a very tough grind. So to count hi-lo which is the easiest counting methodyou have to pay attention to every hand dealt. The logic is that higher cards are benenficial to the player. Dealer stiff hands are more likely to bust. But a change in the count changes play. For example, if the dealer is showing a 10, and you have a 16, normally you hit or surrendor.

Poker is very beatable. One thing I will add in here is the idea click at this page "tells" is somewhat of a myth. They use the information from previous hands, opponents playing style, actions from previous betting rounds, and other situational circumsances to determine what their opponent is holding.

That is "getting a read on your opponent," not like on tv where you notice that your opponent sniffles every time he gets a good hand. Very few players are THAT bad. The final beatable casino game is the sportsbook. That is because "the betting public" money real roulette to put too much faith in the favorites and they consistently bet on the "over.

One thing you will notice if you follow enough betting lines is how good the bettors are at pushing the lines to the actual score. Anyone who routinely places a bet on a game will have their games where they money bags slot machine strategy the over by the late 2nd quarter or a -3 game turns into a huge blow out, but more often than not, it seems you will find your bets being decided late in the 4th quarter.

Back in the day, they paid out according to the odds of three same images aligning on the machine reels. Today everything is hooked up to a server and the server more or less determines whether or not a slot spin will win. But not all slot machines are created equal. Some are specifically designed to be tight, and some are designed and typically strategically placed to be loose. Even in the past 10 years, there have been advances in computer technology.

But 10 years ago, I swear there was a lady in Oklahoma who had slot machines beat. I was working part time at a casino while I was in college and one of my friends from highschool went into the casino business and was a low level manager at the time. This lady only played "VGT" slot machines. Anyone who has gambled on a slot machine in Oklahoma has seen the "Mr. They are a theme in a line of other similarly themed games by "VGT," At around the time, those games were fairly new but they were very popular and those machines always had the highest drops.

Some days the machines would be paying out, some days they were stingy. But EVERY single time this lady came out, she cleaned up, and hit jackpot after jackpot after jackpot. It was rare, but it happened. I know our surveillance was watching her like a hawk.

Eventually, she was banned from the casino I worked at and the casino my friend worked out. I know before we banned her, we had a security guard assigned to her who literally stood a few feet behind her and watched her play. They said the only thing she ever had with her was her purse.

If you win betting sports you get the vig back. It only matters if you lose. You can make money betting money bags slot machine strategy. Those could be manipulated and made to pay but the chances of getting caught would catch up to anyone eventually. Nowadays the only way to win would be to alter the program but you have to have inside help there. And at least in Nevada every program on every machine has to be registered so even then they would see the difference.

Posts 1, Join Date Dec Location parts unknown. Betting the home underdog is a well known strategy. I have a system on the penny scratchers. Almost all the machines now are the video version without any mechanical parts whatsoever. The bill breakers seem to be in the last five to seven. All that did was eliminate jobs. Those were the money bags slot machine strategy people would manipulate. I believe interfering with the optics was a favorite way to cheat.

If the jackpot is large enough a mechanic will check the machine and program. And, it used to be, if a machine paid out enough in a short time it would also be checked. I onlt know about Nevada but the gaming board keeps a very tight hand on the machines and their programs, use, and maintenance. The game software money bags slot machine strategy installed by the gaming money bags slot machine strategy which works independently to the casino.

The internal money bags slot machine strategy is covered and sealed. The only thing to identify you is a players club card. There is no "magic switch" to magically make them pay out. That best biloxi casinos in is taken care of.

Just because someone wins a lot means nothing. If you sit at a slot machine long enough you lose. The reason she was probably being watched is because of the reporting casinos have to do thanks to the patriot act. Nothing to see here.

I always used to laugh at people whining about the games being fixed and whatever. The following users like this post: I worked at one for seven years here. Posts 16, Join Date Dec Craps is where I have my best luck. Have fun being dumb, OP. Posts 10, Join Date Dec We were in Vegas in Sept and my wife played the slots quite a bit.

It was almost comical how quickly she could lose money. Money bags slot machine strategy 29, Join Date Dec Posts 3, Join Date Feb The house always wins unless you hit early and walk away never to play again. Posts 2, Join Date Sep Craps has the highest odds in your favor, slots has the lowest. Originally Posted by Chk View Post. Posts 9, Join Date Sep Obviously it is illegal to do so, and these jackasses got caught because they were greedy, money bags slot machine strategy had they not been they likely could have milked this for a long time at different casinos across the country.

Sportsbetting is theoretically beatable, but the lines are made by complex computer algorithms designed by people a lot smarter than you. Poker you can win, although it requires fish at the table.

Ron Harris rocked the industry when he found a hole in an electronic keno program. That rarely happens though. The thing you have to remember is that casinos have people watching the people that are watching the people.

They employ former money bags slot machine strategy to advise them on security. Originally Posted by sperry View Post. Posts 21, Join Date Apr In college football there money bags slot machine strategy teams that always start the season more info rated Texas and teams that always start under rated Boise used to be like this.

I remember in I bet big on Boise every week. They covered big every week. The final week of the year against Nevada they the played money bags slot machine strategy and money bags slot machine strategy the game but I already won with them 11 weeks in a row. You have to pick your spots and not bet on several games a week. Any game like sports betting or live poker, where you are actually playing against other gamblers, you can create your own edge if you play it smart.

They vig really cuts into your profits and makes it very difficult to make significant money.

A guide to the Mr Moneybags slot machine. Sports Betting Strategy; Online but what we like most about Mr. Money Bags slot machine is that every spin we get a.

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The here is relatively new, having been founded inbut its grown rapidly. According to their corporate site, they have over 20, machines in over different casinos in 8 states.

A Class II slot machine, by the way, is a bingo-based game commonly found in Native American casinos. The difference is that a bingo-based game uses a central random number generator for multiple networked machines, which means that the payouts come from a pool of money generated by players.

Class III games have individual random number generators. No such compact is required in order to offer Class II games. These games are more popular than some might think, too. In OctoberVGT was acquired by Aristocrat Leisure, so the company is now actually a subsidiary of the famous Australian slot machine maker.

If please click for source really want to play VGT slots, you can find them at over different casinos in Oklahoma.

A friend of mine runs a page about winning at VGT red screen slots. I guess Hal is his more info who devised this strategy. This bonus is pretty straightforward. You win your jackpot amount, and then you get an additional 1 to 5 spins for free. Those spins are all winning spins, too. Then he puts half his bankroll into one money bags slot machine strategy the games and starts playing.

His thinking is that he should hit at least one red screen on that portion of his bankroll. Money bags slot machine strategy those cases, Hal suggests cashing out your initial bankroll and playing with your winnings as your starting bankroll.

Read article idea is to get on a hot streak and ramp up your winnings. Both of those ideas, by the way, are mathematically fallacious. VGT slots are the most popular money bags slot machine strategy in Oklahoma casinos.

If you would like to see what is waiting for you on the Internet, here is our list of the best online sites for US players. They also offer some of the best and fastest video poker games on the Internet.

Mr money bags $100 to $850 in 6 mins

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