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I want to tell to all that this roulette tool is not for analyze of your roulette system even if it can do this also. We have in RSS a feature called Code Completition that will help you to put the proper code and to avoid mistakes. Roulette Scripter Studio can create any type of roulette systems based on all existing roulette elements. RSS scripts are written in open source format and this mean the player can always share, modify or extend them.

With RSS noiq casino player can create any possible types of roulette roulette money maker code based on all roulette elements that will include betting on: This roulette tool represent an auto play software that will follow the commands from the script line by line and always will do all is coded into your script.

RSS has several important features like auto play and real time landed numbers recognize procedure. Related to auto play this roulette money maker code the software has set see more click procedures that will allow you to write code that will click on the roulette elements you may need from your roulette table. Related to numbers recognize procedure then it will look into your roulette table and will capture the part of the screen related to it and after will run recognize procedure by returning to the player the last landed number.

These two are one of the most roulette money maker code features of the roulette scripter studio. Also RSS have a set of decisional and loop blocks that will allow you to create any type of structures for your own unique roulette system. RSS scripting is based on Pascal syntax so in case you can have any questions related to how to code several structures then internet will give you the answer to any of the questions you can have.

Anyway even without internet we have our tutorial and on our forum where we just opened a new board called RSS-Coding Zone where our customers may put questions and receive answers from the other.

It is supposed to be used to play the most complex roulette systems and this mean the single limitation is only your mind. RSS can be extended without any limits via additional libraries that may be released as by our team as by our members so all the user should do is to add the new libraries to roulette money maker code roulette system.

RSS also allow several coders to work in a team while developing the most complex roulette systems. People who already used scripting will find coding this tool very easy but the people roulette money maker code never used scripting can learn this process very easy using RSS tutorial or by asking the other users who already use it.

If you are professional roulette players then this roulette tool is for you but if you want to become and play like a professional then it is also for you. Already have RSS installed? Roulette money maker code suppose you already have RSS installed fehlen, free online bonus slots no registration bin your computer and already started it.

Code ExplorerSource ExplorerConsole. Code Explorer - is used to enter your script code. Source Explorer - show all functions, procedures, units used in active script.

Console - will serve like a board that can show real time all active variables. Now is the time to explain what can do this software but before this I want to present it menu. File Menu is used to perform operations with files and in our cases these will be rss scripts or let say your own. As you see from the screenshot you can create one new script or to load an already existing script from.

Edit Menu is used to perform operations with your code. Visit web page the same time when your code is big you can need to search for roulette money maker code special code or to perform a replace procedure. Cut, Copy, Paste - are used to operate with your script lines.

The functionality is the same like in every text editor. Find - is used to search for variable, function or procedure. Replace - is used usually to change one old text with the other new. So this work like in every text editor. Vew menu is used to activate or deactivate the next 3 view zones: You can use this feature in case you will need more visibility for code explorer instead of read more explorer or console.

Debug menu - is the most important part of this software. It contain a lot of functionality all related to run time process. Using this menu you can run your own script also to debug step by step your script also to check step by step how.

Simply to say this will allow you to roulette money maker code and to avoid later most of the errors. For now you should know that by pressing Run button you will execute your script. Help menu at this time roulette money maker code some functionality related to User Profile and RSS registration process.

Later we may add a quick online help but for now all the help roulette money maker code can find on our site. Quick toolbar has a roulette money maker code of most roulette money maker code functions during the coding process. Now when you have a general knowledge about this software we can start the coding process. RSS can play Online Roulette and this mean it can bet on all roulette elements and can recognize landed numbers.

It has several functions that works with images so it can recognize landed numbers. RSS is a bridge between a check this out scripter studio and online roulette table. It is based on Pascal scripting. We also can release and Visual Basic scripting IDE for users who want to use this scripting language.

In the world exist more then people who use Pascal and Visual Basic. From our side scripting is roulette money maker code single way that will allow you to make any type of roulette systems. In order to not understand me wrong i want to pay attention to all that RSS can interact with online roulette. How it do this? Sure via our roulette routines embeded into RSS. After this click Join button. Now all is ready and you can start to write your first script for Live Online Roulette.

Now is the time to put here all available procedures related to clicks. By click procedures I mean the click action that usually the player do but in our case the RSS will do. Like I told before RSS can perform all possible roulette table clicks. Before to continue I want to pay attention to general structure of every script for Live Online Roulette. So for each live roulette script we will have next base structure:. Wait for a new round. You should know that one live roulette session is a very long session and such game is a totally different than a RNG roulette game.

So simple to say we can start betting procedure only once a new round will be started this is why is very important to wait for it. For example if the live dealer will change then all players will wait until the new live dealer will be roulette money maker code. Once the new round ready signal is sent to the players they can start put their bets and this mean that the game was started this is why is very important to know about this. RSS know how to recognize a new round automatically.

I think this is an easy to understand step. Simple put your bets on the table. You should not worry about this because RSS have all these things totally automated. Wait for a new number. For betting procedure online casino usually roulette money maker code around 20 roulette money maker code. This is the time when the players should put their bets on the table and to not forget to click Confirm Bet button.

Due to the fact that RSS do all automatically then all bets will be done in max one second so the other seconds RSS will wait the dealer to start spin procedure and finally the new landed number. After new number will land make some actions.

This step will be roulette money maker code to understand because here we will use the same principle like on every script. So we got the last landed number and we are able to decide if we won or lost or others for the current active round.

Let me I will explain what will do the script presented above. It will wait for a new round and after will click on chip2, on black, on red and will confirm bets. After this it will wait for a new landed number and will show it in RSS Console. As you see the script is based on the scheme presented above:. I want to mention some new procedures like: I mean to start betting only roulette money maker code new round is anounced, roulette money maker code all bets was made to not forget to confirm them and after to wait for a new number to land.

If you want to know the last landed number then the function do this is roulette money maker code As you know the roulette game consist in betting money on roulette elements. To do this on every roulette table exist chips and every chip has it own value.

In our case we have 7 chips with the next values: Please use the next procedures in dependence of the amount you want to bet on every roulette more info. So what we do in a real game situation? We click on the chip value we want to use. After we click on the roulette element we want to bet this amount and after press spin button. I our case for Live Roulette instead of Spin button all we should do is to click on Confirm Bet button.

If you want to bet on numbers then please use the next procedures: If you want to use split bets then roulette money maker code use the next procedures: For Street Click the following article please use the next procedures: For Corner Bets please use the next procedures: For Line Bets please use the next procedures: For four bet please use the next procedure:

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